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Environmental Policy

As the CIS Excellence Events Caterer of the Year Award Winner 2007 and finalist in 2008 in Scotland, en croute catering ltd firmly believe that it is our duty to our clients and the community as a whole to conduct all operations in a conscientious manner. We have a responsibility to reduce recognised hazards, respect the environment and protect the health and safety of our stakeholders. We strive for – and achieve – high standards by means of continuous learning to ensure best practice and consistent methods of operation as we drive the business forward.

We recognise that our operations impact on the environment in a number of ways and we are committed to minimising the potentially harmful effects of such activity wherever possible. Indeed, we are working together with suppliers and independent service providers to reduce the amount of waste and energy created by our activities.

By developing our understanding of our impacts and by the setting of objectives and targets, we will:

  • strive to continuously improve our environmental performance
  • aim to prevent all forms of pollution
  • aim to reduce the use of natural resources
  • commit to the recycling of such resources.

en croute catering ltd is a forward-thinking independent events caterer, and we strive to retain this title by continuing to diminish our carbon footprint over the coming years. We aim to carry out annual environmental reviews in order to monitor our progress in meeting the objectives of this policy and its associated targets. Given our steady growth over the last 16 years, we are fully committed to a concerted sustainable development in our future. To this end, we welcome any queries and advice from like-minded associates so that we can work closely together to create a better, safe working environment in a very changeable industry.

Specifically, these are our internal procedures implemented daily within our kitchens and offices.

We have a 4 part recycling policy, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Buy Recycled. We conserve energy and buy products made in an ethically, ecologically, economic and socially responsible way.