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Outdoor & bbq Catering



Traditional 100% beef burgers

Chunky chicken kebabs with soy and ginger glaze

Blackened beef and pineapple satay

Pork and chorizo kebabs

Redcurrant and maple syrup lamb skewers

Smoky BBQ chicken

Venison, mustard and pickle toasties

Crispy bacon wrapped butternut squash

Citrus and soy glazed chicken breasts

Garlic and lamb meatball skewers

Honey and three mustard farmers market sourced sausages

Cajun pork fillet in a beer sauce

Frankfurter whirls

Figs with honey, gorgonzola and prosciutto

Venison steak, mustard and pickle toasties

Garlic and lamb meatball skewers

Chicken and chorizo kebabs

Best ever steak sandwich

Bonfire steaks with chimichurri sauce

Redcurrant and sherry beef short ribs

clydesdale bbq


Garlic lime prawns

Grilled thai style sardines

Pesto glazed salmon parcels

Fresh tuna with tropical fruit salsa

Charred skin-on salmon with a tropical fruit salsa

Chilli and lime king prawns

Grilled sardines

Chamomile tea-smoked mackerel

Swordfish kebabs with a fiery pepper drizzle

Chilli crab with shredded kaffir lime leaves

Seared salmon with orange butter sauce

 bbq sweetcorn cobs


Mediterranean vegetable stacks (v)

Fresh veggie brochettes (v)

Baked potatoes with sour cream and chives (v)

Corn cobs with chilli butter (v)

BBQ goats cheese pizza (v)

Aubergine and halloumi stacks (v)

Portobello mushrooms with cherry tomatoes and basil (v)

Aubergine, tomato and mozzarella stacks (v)

Summer veggie parcels with honey butter (v)

Rock salt roasted onions (v)

Char-cooked in-season vegetables with peanut sauce (v)



(v) Couscous with broad beans, peas and mint

(v) Summery potato salad with edible flowers

(v) Carrot and cumin coleslaw

(v) Beetroot, green bean and tarragon salad

(v) Mango, tomato and red onion salad

(v) Fragrant leaves with summer herbs

(v) Pesto linguine with toasted pine nuts and fresh parmesan shavings

(v) chickpea and broccoli salad with harrisa yogurt

(v) broad bean, endamame bean and lentil salad

(v) figs, honey and gorgonzola salad

(v) sweet potato and three onion salad

 caramel strawberries

BBQ Desserts:

Raspberry chocolate brownies

Toffee bananas with butter scotch

Pineapple wedges with rum and butter glaze

Barbeque strawberry croissants

Pear wafers served with Dunsyre blue cheese mousse

Chocolate and oat s’mores

Box barbequed Scottish camembert

Toasted peach and melon skewers with ginger and brown sugar butter

Toffee banana and marshmallow kebabs

Seared nectarines with brandy and pumpkin seeds

Mini meringue mountain

Chocolate covered mint meltaway cupcakes

Sweet melon and lime martinis

Fig and grape fritters

Creamy fruit cheesecake shots