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Sample Christmas Menus

Ask about our white mulled wine or our chocolate mulled wine…….different and delicious, just like en croute!


our unique christmas-on-a-stick – an annual winner!

chicken skewers, cranberry orange relish (gf)

steak, fries (GF)

bruschetta, rare beef, white bean puree, parsley

pork belly sliders, kimchi

mini shepherd’s pot pies

blinis, pancetta, horseradish creme fraiche

mini naan, balsamic duck, fig

sausage rolls, pastry, sage

posh pigs, honey, rosemary tree


Christmas stars, smoked salmon, dill

croustades, salmon mousse, ocean pearls

crispy wontons, smoked trout, lemon mayo

king prawns, bubble batter

prawns, filo, soy, ginger

toasts, crayfish, beetroot jewels

gluten free seafood range available


(v) goat’s cheesecake, Christmas chutney

(v) cherry tomato pops (gf)

(v) mozzarella, fig, basil (gf)

(v) tartlettes, white stilton, port

(v) mango and brie presents

(v) filo crown, spiced nuts, chestnut puree

Christmas pud truffles

tangerine jelly shots (gf)

Santa strawberries (gf)

brownies, mixed spice, holly icing

white Christmas tarts, coconut, pistachio

mini mince pies, cinnamon sugar snow

Christmas pudding muffins

mini mincemeat cheesecakes

range of gluten free sweet treats available (gf)



deep fried brussels, black pudding, apple

pizza, turkey, tomato, ricotta

chicken liver, Armagnac (gf)

camembert, bacon, breadsticks

spicy stuffing balls, cherry tomato, toasts

malted bread with pulled pork and spiced apple

parma ham bundles served with a festive fruit salsa (gf)

juniper cured salmon, gin, horseradish yogurt dressing (gf)

smoked salmon, blackberry gel, sourdough

salmon sashimi, pickled cucumber, mayo (gf)

(v) festive salad, fennel, red onion, clementine (gf)

(v) Christmas layered pie, spinach, red pepper, rosemary pastry

(v) stilton cheesecake, glazed root vegetables

(v) filo basket, parsnip mousse, mushrooms

(v) spinach roulade, ricotta, parmesan, chives (gf)


all served with Christmas star shaped croutons

celeriac, smoked haddock (gf)

sweet potato soup, butternut squash, lemon, garlic (gf)

celeriac, pear, sage oil (gf)

spiced pumpkin, honey (gf)

beetroot, pomegranate, carrot (gf)


all turkey options can be equally delicious made with chicken.  All main courses can be adapted for gluten free diets

classic turkey, traditional trimmings

roast turkey, panettone tray stuffing, bourbon glaze

stuffed turkey, chorizo, sage, parsnip crisps

turkey pan-fry, apple, shallot, rosemary

roast chicken, madeira gravy

chicken stew, pecans, cranberries, wild rice

chicken supreme, mustard, thyme, chestnuts

lamb shanks, honey, figs, cinnamon (£2 per person supplement)

ham, pear, quince, sour cherry sauce

guinea fowl tagine, cumin, dates, couscous (£2 per person supplement)

duck confit, charred clementine, fennel

duck breast, cranberry wine sauce

pork tenderloin, sprouts, peanuts

venison fillet, rosemary blanket (£3 per person supplement)

salmon medallions, garlic, mascarpone

salmon, butter, stem ginger, mace

three fish roast, smoked haddock, cod, salmon – minimum of 10 people


Vegetarian Mains:

(v) cheese pie, chestnuts, hazelnuts

(v) butternut roulade, gruyere, quinoa

(v) portobello mushrooms, spiced baked custards

(v) celeriac koshari, puy lentils, macaroni, cranberries

(v) savoury pumpkin pie

(v) parsnip, Jerusalem artichoke, thyme, white win

all menus will be accompanied by delicious seasonal treats of your choice:

pull apart roasties (gf)

caramel potatoes (gf)

goose fat roasters (gf)

baked bread sauce

butter toast bread sauce

creamed sprouts, pecans (gf)

sprout salad, citrus, pomegranate (gf)

cabbage, clementine, ginger (gf)

red cabbage, cranberry, apple juice (gf)

winter root crush, ginger, coriander (gf)

maple glazed parsnips/carrots (gf)

cherry, pistachio stuffing

barley, date stuffing

classic stuffing, sausagemeat, sage

gluten free stuffing alternative (gf)

cranberry sauce, rosemary, port (gf)

cranberry sauce, chilli (gf)

redcurrant gravy (gf)



gingercake trifle, mulling syrup

roast peaches, pannettone

tartlette, almond, pear, mincemeat

chocolate pot, cornflakes, mulled wine cream

meringues, cranberry, pistachio, boozy cream (gf)

cranberry crumble, marzipan, Christmas curd

cranberry fool, cream, sugar (gf)

red wine jelly, egg nog froth (gf)

spiced cherries, vodka (gf)

caramelized pears, chocolate (gf)

Christmas pud cheesecake, ginger sauce